Disputable Matters

Series: Romans

Speaker: James Shiroma

August 30, 2020

James Shiroma

Lead Pastor

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"Disputable Matters"
Romans 14
Summary: God's word is true and without error. Truth in scripture cannot be changed, reinterpreted or watered down--especially about God, salvation, Jesus, sin, Heaven, Hell, and the inerrancy of scripture. But as we live according to scripture, we will deal with disputable matters among believers--secondary matters that dealing with applying God's truth. Christians become a poor witness when we mishandle disputable matters. In Romans 14, Paul shares examples of disputable matters and how Christians should deal with them. 

Taking Note:
Dealing with Disputable Matters
1. Consider those who are weaker
2. Understand how you came to your convictions
3. Do not be a stumbling block
4. Build each other up in Christ

1. Read Romans 14
2. What is the difference between an essential matters and debatable matters in the Bible? Share examples of each.
3. Share ways you can consider those who are weaker.
4. Share how you came to certain convictions in your life as related to scripture.
5. What are some stumbling blocks that we put up that make it hard for people to encounter the gospel. 
6. How can we build each other up toward Jesus?
7. What difference will it make in our world if Christians were to live this out? 

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